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Matt Bryzcki, Coordinator of Strength, Princeton

"I say this with all sincerity: Mark is a legend among high school coaches in the state of Minnesota. Part of that is the fact that he worked his way up the ranks, rising from a strength coach at the high school level to a strength coach in the National Football League (NFL). But perhaps the main reason why he’s so respected isn’t what Mark has accomplished professionally but, rather, is what he has given back to the industry in terms of education. While at Anoka High School, he started hosting seminars in the early 1990s to educate coaches and fitness professionals about training. Mark did the same thing in the NFL which is actually quite remarkable considering that he’s likely one of the few strength coaches in the league to ever host strength and conditioning seminars. He didn’t host seminars to make money; he did it to educate. Even after Mark made it to the NFL, his door was always open to high school coaches. Actually, his door was open to anyone who wanted to learn. In addition, for nearly a decade, he was part of a select group of NFL coaches that traveled to Japan to give clinics. You’ll find few “educators” who are better than Mark. Yet, he’s very humble about his many accomplishments and the contributions that he has made to the fitness industry. Mark is an outstanding innovator; his unique training applications have been copied by many. Furthermore, Mark is a man of impeccable character and honor. He’s also a man who cared deeply about the safety and welfare of the athletes who were under his charge."